Friday, 9 August 2013

Flames Of War Japanese Review and 'Adolf Don't Surf' event.

Hi Guys,

I picked up some of the new Japanese models that Battlefront have released for a tournament. The time constraints were very tight from picking up the models to needing them completed. All in all it took me 6 days to get them painted, and onto the table top in time for 'Adolf Don't Surf' which was held in the UK on 27/07/13.

This was everything that was needed for a 1500pts Army, as I decided to take them as Veterans to cut down on painting time. The Army lists have very good special rules for the infantry, so I decided to go with the Hohei Chutai (Infantry Company)

First step clean up and assembly. As usual with Battlefront figures you get the correct amount of stands, models and options to create the platoons that are needed in the books. The models are very nicely cast with some lovely dynamic poses. The models required minimum clean up, with little flash and mould lines. The new style infantry bases really help to speed up the basing progress, and actually made it possible for me to finish in time.
My favourite 2 models are the 'prone riflemen' one looks to be signalling to other members of his squad to advance, whilst the other is in a firing position engaging the enemy. I do feel however, that perhaps there should have been 2 different poses for the light mortar teams, as you need 3 teams per platoon, they end up looking too similar.
The Regimental Standard and banners on the rifles really help to make these infantry to pop. They add lots of character to the models, and make the models that more interesting when on the field of battle.

 Using my airbrush I managed to get the primer and main uniform colour onto the infantry in good time.

The completed 1500pts army

A closer view of one platoon and the 2iC Regimental Standard (note, I chose to swap out 3 rifle teams in each squad for the AT teams)

The tournament went very well for saying I had not had chance to practice with the army at all. I faced 4 tank armies and 1 infantry company. Scoring 5-2, 6-1, 6-1, 4-3 and sadly falling at the last hurdle 1-6.
The armies biggest strength is definitely the Auto-Attack option at night, using the concealment given to get into position is very useful. My next purchases for the Japanese will be some light AT guns instead of the tanks (they did nothing all weekend)
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Panther G Work in Progress 2

Hi guys, just a quick update on the progress of the Panther G platoon.

It shouldn't take too long till they're finished now, I just need to weather the last 4 tanks, but need to find the time between projects.