Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Now Accepting FoW Commissions

Hey Guys,

I've been advised by a couple of people that I should start doing a few commissions. I can't paint to the works of art that you see on the Forums by Ritterkrieg, MoW and WPB to name a few.

However, I do paint to a consistent standard and really enjoy painting as basing, and seeing the whole army come together. I've won 3 painting award in the last 10 months, so I hope this means people like my work.

Rough costs will be around £1 per man (plain uniform) £1 for a standard basing (filler, static grass and tufts) and around £7.50 per large gun team and medium tank.

Prices for other sized guns and tanks can be worked out on request. I also really enjoy making platoon 'Vignettes' so that the infantry stands come together to form a bigger picture.

I'm currently finishing up a British Airborne force for a good friend, and then will be free to start new projects.

Kind Regards,


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  1. Superb paint job on the Polish. One of the guys in our local group does commission painting. He had little jobs at the start, but it soon builds up as your work gets out there. Now he's got a couple of regular customers that keep him so busy he hardly gets any of his own stuff done! All the best with the new venture.