Sunday, 20 January 2013

Finished Soviet Armour

Finished up the IS-85's and SU-122's tonight. I still have the tank commanders to paint  but i'll do them at the same time as I do the Artillery.

I wanted to weather the tanks to make them look as if they are fighting after a harsh winter, and the big thaw has come (hence the heavy mud). My infantry have melting snow on their bases, so I wanted this armour project to tie in together with them.

Any thoughts and critique on the weathering or the tanks as a whole are more them welcome.

Now on to the next project. Need to clear out the ridiculous piles of FoW that I have in my drawers. So whilst the weather outside may be frightful, un-boxing Soviets is sure delightful ;-)

Cheers for taking the time for looking,



  1. Looking good Manny. They should fit in with your infantry very nicely.

    It might just be the pictures, but the edges of the white wash look very sharp, if it were me, I might look to soften them. But as you win enough painting competitions as it is, I won't hold it against you if you disagree.

    Lets see some artillery then :)


  2. Hey Alex :)

    Thanks for your kind words. It's not just the pics, the SU's 'white wash' has come out a tad too sharp for my liking :-/ I think the IS-85's look smoother, and look more like the edges have worn away. On a very tight time scale (as usual lol) so haven't really got the time to go over them.

    I'm rolling out the big guns this week.....