Sunday, 13 January 2013

SU-122's and Infantry

Hey guys, just quick update today. Didn't get too much done over the weekend, but i managed to get my SU-122's cleaned up and assembled.

Out of the 8 I have, 6 had damage to them, but I can't wait for replacements as they're needed quickly for a tournament. However, i did have to change my list slightly as one of them was far too bad :(

As you can see, that's a bit too bad to use :(

The 7 little beauties ready for painting this week.

Also thought i'd share some pictures of the infantry that the armour will be supporting, this platoon was designed to come together to form the famous Stalingrad fountain. I also did 18 more stands for this company to look like troops advancing through the open town square area, with supplies scattered throughout.

Really struggling with the lighting when taking pictures of my infantry :-/ any tips would be greatfully received.



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  1. Really unlucky to get so many damaged tanks, that's has to sting when you need them for a tournament. I really like the fountain, that's the one with the crocodile in the middle and the children dancing around it right? Sorry I can't really tell.
    As for the lighting if you can't purchase a light tent, give this a go:-
    Then just buy some cheapish lights from a hardware store to surround it. Get white globes rather than yellow as it effects the colours that you see.
    Another option is if your camera supports a manual mode you can set it up on a tripod or stable surface, get as much light as you can on the miniatures and then turn off the flash and adjust the shutter speed. The longer the shutter speed the more light you will see in the final picture.
    A bit of a long comment but I hope these tips all help.