Thursday, 10 January 2013

Soviet IS-85's for Flames Of War - Part 2

Been working on the IS-85's again. painted the details and added some oil streaks and decals. All that's really left now is to add some weathering powders tomorrow. I decided to go for a worn winter wash camo on these tanks so that they match the Infantry that I painted, as they have melting snow on their bases.

DOH! Barrel needs repainting :-/

Oil streaks

This was my first attempt at using 'Oils'. I chose Mig "shadow Brown"  First placing a small dot under rivets, and joints, and using a flat headed brush wet with white spirit brushed downwards to blend it in.

Thoughts and comments welcome.

Cheers for looking guys,



  1. Well done! going to follow your method for my ISUs :)

  2. If you have any questions mate i'll be happy to help as much as i can :)

  3. Really nice, as i've said before I like the wear effect on the white wash, also you have made the numbering stand out very nicely