Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Salt Masking Tutorial

Hey Guys,

Been asked by a couple of people for tips on how I did the salt masking. Since pictures paint a 1000 words thought i'd do this as a blog.

Hope people find this helpful. Any questions just ask.

Once your model has it's base colour ready, use a liquid mask over the decals.

Just standard Rock Salt

Pour out a little bit and grind slightly.

Once ground, add a small amount of water so that the  salt sticks together. (do not totally dissolve)

Using a brush apply the salt to the tank.

Apply extra water with a brush if needed to help the salt stick.

...and that's that :)

Hope this helps guys, and that it makes sense :)




  1. Nice tutorial buddy. I didn't think about creating a salt paste, makes perfect sense though.

  2. Nice work and great tutorial.

  3. :) cheers for the kind words guys :)

    Keeps me motivated

  4. Thanks. I think I'll practice on a painted, but unused model and see how it works. Looks like "easy" cammo.