Saturday, 19 January 2013

Soviet SU-122's

Right guys, bad snow has kept me from driving home for the weekend, so I've been busy painting all day. The SU-122's are coming along. Just weathering powders to apply to these and the IS-85's.

That shouldn't take too long, and then I'll be starting on my Subtle 'God Of War' battery!!

Airbrushed white after the Salt Masking

After washing the salt off with cold water.

After 'brown lining'

After 'Mig Oil' streaks

Thoughts and Opinions welcome.

Cheers guys,



  1. I'm not liking this effect the same as on the IS-85's. To my eye, the wear pattern on this is too much and is blobby with less of a jagged effect. That's not to say that SU's look bad, they look good, it's just that the whitewash doesn't have the same striking effect as before.

  2. Yeah, I much prefer the IS85's too. I put a lot more salt on these, and also I think I mixed the overspray green too light for the second coat :(

    thank you for your thoughts MOW :)

  3. They look great, much better than mine.

  4. Really really nice, what do you use for the rust and dirt effects?

  5. Cheer Phil & Ben :)

    For the brown lining i use Mig dark wash and a tiny thin brush, capillary action does most of the work, so it's not too bad.

    For the oil streaks I use Mig 'brown shadow' oil. Apply a tiny tiny 'blob' with a small brush, and then using a large flat head brush soaked in white spirit, brush over the 'blob' of oil. This should give you the streak affect.



  6. Keep up the good work, you'll have to use your talents on Germans soon :)

  7. Hey Christian :)

    Looking forward to working on your Germans :)

  8. How did you "attach" the salt initially? And what kind of salt is it?

  9. Hey Phil,

    I put a tutorial up in the post before this :)