Monday, 28 January 2013

Recent Gaming

Just a quick update of the games I played last week. I took the newly painting tanks out for a spin using the Blitzkrieg Commander II rule set. I narrowly lost to the Finns as we were both down to our breakpoints.

I used the IS-85's as IS-2's, and they absolutely decimated the Finnish right flank.

However, a mix of Artillery and Mortars picked off nearly all my infantry :-/
Its just too powerful in this game

On Sunday before my drive back to work, the Mrs decided she wanted to play Zombies!!!

Such a Devious look.......

The town starts to grow as the plucky survivors start to explore.

She clears out the Fire station in one turn!! 
I head off to collect more health before trying to clear the Helipad....

....which turns out to be a bad idea, as a couple of turns later she gets to 20 kills!

So, throwing that 6 is a good then then eh?

I was sooo close too, with 19 kills. Neither of us died too.

She knows she kicked my ass!!


  1. My wife loves Zombies too, always a fun game. Have you played Humans? It's almost the same game but your the Zombies trying to infect humans. I personally prefer Humans.

    Is Blitzkrieg commander any good?

  2. Hey Ben, Yeah, I played Humans before Zombies, but decided to go for Zombies in the end. My Brother got it me for Xmas, it's a nice easy fun game to play.

    Blitzkrieg Commander is fun, BUT...and it's a big but, I think it's too easy to abuse army lists.

    Artillery is very very potent, of the 23 teams i lost, I would say 18 (at least) was due to off and on table arty.

    The arty works by having a set amount of dice per gun/battery purchased. So it's easy to get to 15 dice per barrage. Then any team under the template has the 15 dice rolled against it (infantry have 6 wounds, but it's not hard to get 6 4+ with 15 dice)

    On table arty can be fired multiple times, so long as subsequent command checks are made, but on table arty isn't a template, it just goes onto one target.

    Also, Command values play a huge part in this game, so you frequently see armies with CV9 being played, and lesser armies (Romanians & Polish) :( being left on the side lines.

    I'll bring the BKC 2 rule book with me to Corrivalry so you can have a flick through it. Don't get me wong, I love the way the game plays, just need to be considerate to your opponent. I personally take between 8 or 9 arty dice just to help pin.

    Sorry for the wall of txt lol

  3. Thanks for the info on BKC 2. I'd love to have a flick through the rulebook. I check getting tempted to do some 6mm WW2 as a change of pace and BKC keeps being the rule set I'm advised to get for that scale.

    Thanks Ben